Things to do list...
Our visit to the new building was very encouraging with nearly 70 people attending. The response was positive and many had questions concerning the renovations and other matters involving the move. In order to answer some of these I have prepared a lit of “things to do” that will demonstrate the many details still to work out before our transition will be ... read all »
What the Holy Spirit Does for us
Why have we received the Holy Spirit? What does He do for us? The Holy Spirit that indwells us will resurrect us from the dead in the same way that He raised Jesus from the dead. This is the main reason we are given the Spirit at our baptism, and the point we may think is the most important. That God has given us His Spirit so we may dwell with Him eternally. But the ... read all »
Midnight Watch
One twenty in the morning and I still cannot sleep. I have been in prayer for over two hours reviewing before the Lord the possible dimensions of our new building. Of course what is keeping me awake is trying to calculate square footage, parking spaces, auditorium size, and how many classrooms we may need – all in my head, in the dark, while tossing and turning... read all »
A Short Time
Most people usually complain that they rarely have enough time to do the things that they would really like to do. For example, some say they would like to go back to school but have no time. Others don’t exercise because they claim to lack the time. And everyone says that they would like to spend more time with their families. The worst “time” excu... read all »
Veiled Religion
The recent controversy over accommodating Muslim women wearing various head coverings is more a debate over religious statements than demonstrating true spirituality. As many Islamic scholars have pointed out, veils are optional and those who choose to wear them do so as a witness of their faith and modesty. Of course this symbol merely witnesses these things but doe... read all »