Drifting Away
Christians never quit God in a single day. Oh, some give up the faith suddenly at times because of a great tragedy in their lives but these are the exceptions. No, the way that most Christians lose their faith is through “drifting”. Drifting is a slow removal of ourselves from the influence of God and His people. It is slow because drifting away from God ... read all »
Reasonable Accommodation
Recently, we have heard a lot of discussion on the topic of “reasonable accommodation.” Should we accommodate people according to the demands of their culture or religion? Many automatically say no to these demands stating that people who immigrate to our country should integrate into our culture. And what about religion? Does it mean that they should also... read all »
Our Witness to This World
“By faith Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world...” Heb. 11:7a In discussing Noah and the great flood we sometimes get lost in the debate over the probability of such a great catastrophe actually happening or the logistics of how so many animals... read all »
The Dreamer
A man who had been an alcoholic for years was invited to church by a friend from work. He had often refused to go but this time he accepted. At church he heard the gospel and was converted. Those who used to drink with him now mocked him as he passed them to go to work. He told his wife what these men were doing and mentioned that it did not bother him. One morning sh... read all »
Everybody Dies
They say that famous people die in groups of three. This week has lent credence to this social phenomenon as former U.S. President Gerald Ford; R&B singer James Brown; and deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein have all died within days of each other. Aside from the morbid curiosity factor of seeing familiar people die in quick succession, their passing also high... read all »