Jesus' Tomb
Recently there was a media story reporting that Jesus’ tomb was found and that He was probably married and with a child. For me, such a thought is blasphemous.    And yet, there is a film being made on the subject along the lines of the DaVinci Code which will be seen by millions of people. Of course my question is, “why?” Why are peo... read all »
Moving Day
Now that the sale of the building is in its final phase, we need to start looking ahead to moving out. In order to prepare us for our eventual moving day experience I want to make sure we know in advance some of the challenges we will face. Challenge #1 – CHANGE Nothing will be the same in the new place. We will have to get used to new parking, seating, lighti... read all »
Our Influence on our Child
As parents we want our children to succeed. I have never heard a parent say that they wanted their children to become vagabonds or criminals. You know that you will not be 100% responsible for the success or the failure of your children but as parents you will have the greatest influence in their lives. This is what proverbs 22:6 refers to when it says, “Train u... read all »
Physician, Heal Thyself
I have been sick this month in a way I haven’t before. January’s deep freeze plus fatigue from too much travel, too little sunshine, and exposure to too many sick people finally did me in. I won’t go into the boring details. Suffice to say that none of the “systems” were operating and I didn’t know which part of my body to treat fi... read all »
Frog Story
“The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; The one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.” (Prov. 13:3) A group of frogs was hopping through the forest when two of them fell into a hole in the ground. The frogs quickly gathered around the hole. Seeing how deep the hole was, they told the two who had fallen in that they would never be able to get ou... read all »