4 Key Words to a Happy Home! - Part 4
The fourth key word to happiness is RESPONSIBILITY: Responsibility grows naturally out of the first three. If a home is filled with love, with mutual confidence and trust, and has had the guidance and correction necessary to develop self-discipline, the natural result is recognition of responsibility. Each member of the family feels a responsibility to the others, a ... read all »
4 Key Words to a Happy Home! - Part 3
The third key word to happiness is SELF-DISCIPLINE: Self-discipline is acquired only gradually and sometimes painfully through external discipline. A generation ago we entered the age of permissiveness, when children were allowed to make their own decisions, do their own thing. Today psychiatrists are almost universally agreed that instead of making children happier,... read all »
4 Key Words to a Happy Home! - Part 2
The second key word to happiness is FAITH: Faith, in all its aspects trust, confidence, and reliance brings happiness. If a home is to be happy parents must conduct themselves in such a way that they can have implicit faith in each other and inspire such faith also in their children. The basis of such mutual trust, however, is a faith in God and in all the attribute... read all »
4 Key Words to a Happy Home! - Part 1
The home should be the happiest spot we can ever know on earth. In it we have the very closest and dearest relationships, and it can be the constant source of strength and inspiration. But to create and preserve the happiness of the home requires certain qualities and attitudes which may be designated by four keywords. The first and most important of these is LOVE. ... read all »
Long-Distance Mourning
When the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan, I ended up watching dozens of videos of the devastation that washed upon their shores. For better or worse, those kinds of images captivate me. Turning to Facebook, I was thankful to learn that a couple of missionaries from Ontario who worked directly in Sendai were safe and that many other missionaries and brothers ... read all »