Tick-tock, Tick-tock...
For as long as I can remember, I have been a huge fan of animated art. I would spend hours watching different cartoon. Of course like many people, I enjoy Disney movies a lot. One of my favorite characters in theses movies is Captain Hook from the Peter Pan Movie. This morning, I am thinking about Captain Hook's relationship with the infamous crocodile. The crocodile... read all »
What’s Your View?
Last weekend, a number of us attended a weekend for 20- somethings with the church in Waterloo, Ontario. The theme for the weekend examined cultural worldviews in contrast to a Christian worldview. In essence, a worldview is a way of looking at life – a philosophy that interprets how the world functions. Many people today adopt a naturalistic worldview, which sa... read all »
An Opportunity for Faith
As many of you know, I had a car accident a couple of weeks before Christmas. Of course, these things happen, and usually, consequences follow. Yet, in assessing the event and its aftermath, two consequences became readily apparent for me: one which was seemingly absurd, and one which seemed undoubtedly bad: (1) Beyond a small cut on my cheek, and being  sore for... read all »
A consensus of recent biblical scholarship has come to the understanding that the two men with whom Jesus was crucified were not robbers or thieves, but rather patriotic rebels. This comes from the fact that the Greek word “lestas” can mean either “robber” or “insurrectionist.” Additionally, Barabbas, the criminal who was released i... read all »
The Cure for Common Spiritual Apathy
A common question that I’ve often seen or been asked by people is, “What is the cure for spiritual apathy?” That’s a tough question – and a tough problem – because it’s hard to motivate people to action when they just don’t care. However, as I was often reminded by one of my teachers at school, there is nothing so good f... read all »