The Bible talks about a dysfunctional generation that will one day come to earth. “Men will be selfish, covetous, exclusively concerned with themselves, their wealth, their success, and their pretentions. They will also be arrogant, jealous, envious, blasphemers, and gossipers. They will not know how to respect their parents, and lose any sense of thanksgivin... read all »
This morning is our “special” Sunday that we have been promoting for several weeks. You will discover that this morning we are asking you to consider where your role is in the church’s ministries. Your involvement in how the church serves and functions is just as vital as the role that Roger and I have been appointed for in the ministry of the word o... read all »
The Tension of Ever-Abiding Poverty
Our recent reflections upon financial stewardship have caused me to consider our responsibility toward the marginalized. One of the Bible’s teachings about poverty, found in both the Old and New Testaments, is that there will always be poor people (Deut. 15:11 and Mark 14:7). I’m reminded of some modern-day campaigns to end poverty, both regionally and glo... read all »
More on Giving
Following are some of the data that I found in my study for last Sunday’s sermon on Christian giving. Some of the details are quite startling. However, I suggest that, after analyzing these figures, we all pray to God to ask his help in (1) releasing our grip on our money, and (2) trusting him more to take care of our basic needs. From “Scrooge Lives!&rd... read all »
The Factual Resurrection
Ever since my sermon last Sunday, I have been highly interested in the resurrection, especially in the historical credibility of the resurrection account. I have watched half a dozen debates on the internet between several Christian scholars and apologists (notably Mike Licona and William Lane Craig) who have debated atheists, agnostics and Muslims. The fascinating t... read all »