Our Family
Our 25th Anniversary is fast approaching, and many of us are busy with preparations for our celebration on December 5th. Yet, while we are busy getting things ready, it would also be a good idea to prepare ourselves for this celebration. Here is something I would like for us to try: Think of a positive interaction that you have had with someone else in the congregat... read all »
Our influence on our child
As parents we want our children to succeed. I have never heard a parent say that they wanted their children to become vagabonds or criminals. You know that you will not be 100% responsible for the success or the failure of your children but as parents you will have the greatest influence in their lives. This is what Proverbs 22:6 refers to when it says “Train up... read all »
To the Saints at Ville-Émard
Last weekend, local and distant Catholics celebrated the canonization of Brother André, the man who initiated the building of one of Montreal’s great landmarks, St. Joseph’s Oratory. Brother André is now a Saint in the Catholic church, the result of a posthumous process that took more than 30 years to be realized. However, while Brother Andr&... read all »
Don’t Walk!
As some of you know, Hal and I trained for and ran a 5 km race a few Saturdays ago. For training, we had marked out a roughly 2 km lap around several blocks in Verdun. Two to three times a week we ran enough to make up 5km, sometimes just a bit more. With no hills, and by keeping conversation as we ran, the training was relatively easy. However, on race day, we both ... read all »
Look Above
If you place a falcon in a six or eight foot square cage with no cover or top, this bird, regardless of his remarkable flying ability, will be a prisoner. The falcon usually needs ten to twelve feet of running room in order to fly. Without his usual space to take off he will not try to fly and will remain trapped in the cage with no cover or top. The bats that we see... read all »