Tick-tock, Tick-tock...
For as long as I can remember, I have been a huge fan of animated art. I would spend hours watching different cartoon. Of course like many people, I enjoy Disney movies a lot. One of my favorite characters in theses movies is Captain Hook from the Peter Pan Movie. This morning, I am thinking about Captain Hook's relationship with the infamous crocodile. The crocodile... read all »
Our influence on our child
As parents we want our children to succeed. I have never heard a parent say that they wanted their children to become vagabonds or criminals. You know that you will not be 100% responsible for the success or the failure of your children but as parents you will have the greatest influence in their lives. This is what Proverbs 22:6 refers to when it says “Train up... read all »
Look Above
If you place a falcon in a six or eight foot square cage with no cover or top, this bird, regardless of his remarkable flying ability, will be a prisoner. The falcon usually needs ten to twelve feet of running room in order to fly. Without his usual space to take off he will not try to fly and will remain trapped in the cage with no cover or top. The bats that we see... read all »
A Preacher’s Visit
A certain church member who regularly attended worship suddenly ceased to come to church. After several weeks of his absence, the preacher decided to visit him. Upon entering his home, the minister found the man sitting alone in front of his fireplace. Not sure of what the minister was about to say, the man invited him to sit next to him in front of the fire and the ... read all »
Who influences your life?
Imagine for a moment your life as a circle. At the center of this circle, there is a throne. On the throne is sitting the most influential person in your life. Who is sitting on this throne? Some put their enemies on this throne. These people allow their enemies to consume their life. Hatred for their enemies controls their thoughts, actions and attitudes. Some place... read all »