He loves us! He speaks to us!
In 1 second, light travels 3 million kilometers. It needs 8 minutes to come to us from the sun; 3½ years from the closest star; 1.5 million years from the Andromeda Galaxy. Our head spins from all of this! Looking to infinity, what is human existence? Does the Architect of the universe consider our little problems? Does He answer our prayers? Does He interact ... read all »
What have you been doing all day?
Coming home from work, a man found his three children outside in their pyjamas, playing in the mud with an empty food can and with paper strewn across the front yard. His wife’s car door was open, and likewise the house door. There was no sign of the dog. Moving into the house, he found an incredible mess: a lamp had fallen on the floor and the entrance rug was ... read all »
A Little Bit of Humour
We all need a little bit of humour in our life. This morning, I offer you a few jewels of humour. These phrases were either published in church bulletins, or announced in church services. Bulletin announcement for national conference on prayer and fasting: “The cost to assist the conference on prayer and fasting includes meals.” “Women: d... read all »
The Importance of Gathering
The fact that we go to church on a regular basis permits us to worship God and to obtain knowledge about his Word. But this good habit also permits us to obey and please God in several other ways: 1. We follow the Lord and are faithful to our assembly: “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing.” -Hebrews. 10:25 2. We do w... read all »
A Talented Violinist
A famous violinist who was on tour in a big city informed the local media that he would give his next performance with a Stradivarius violin. When the curtains lifted for that concert, there was not an empty seat in the theatre. Many people came to see the violin as much the violinist, and as soon as the first note was played, it was clear the people were impressed. ... read all »