4 Key Words to a Happy Home! - Part 4

The fourth key word to happiness is RESPONSIBILITY:

Responsibility grows naturally out of the first three. If a home is filled with love, with mutual confidence and trust, and has had the guidance and correction necessary to develop self-discipline, the natural result is recognition of responsibility. Each member of the family feels a responsibility to the others, a responsibility to merit confidence and truth, a responsibility to keep one's promises, to carry out duties and assignments. As this sense of responsibility becomes a habit, it carries over to those outside the family, to employers, associates, and friends.

When the members of a family have little or no confidence in each other, when they can seldom depend on their doing what they are supposed to do, you have the making of inevitable unhappiness and tragedy. But when the members of a family have full confidence in each other, and when through self-discipline they have formed the habit of responsibility, you have the sure foundation, not only of a happy family, but of successful lives.