The Bible talks about a dysfunctional generation that will one day come to earth.

“Men will be selfish, covetous, exclusively concerned with themselves, their wealth, their success, and their pretentions. They will also be arrogant, jealous, envious, blasphemers, and gossipers. They will not know how to respect their parents, and lose any sense of thanksgiving, pity, and compassion. Heartless, and without faith, they will be unmatched in their hatred, perjurers and slanderous, unable to discipline themselves, and, without restraint, they will throw themselves into lust and debauchery. Cruel, disrespectful, brutish, they will do all things without pity. They will be unconcerned with moral values, they will hate the ones who do good, and will be ready for treason and all kinds of shameless acts.

“Risky and frivolous, full of themselves, full of pride that makes them impervious to blame, they will love the world more than God. Sensual pleasures and indulgences will fill up their soul and take the place of the God.

“Naturally, they will stick to the external traditions of their religion. To save face, they will keep an appearance of piety, but in reality, they will deny its power; they will not allow it to have any true influence on their lives. Additionally, their actions will become their profession of faith.” (2 Tim. 3:2-5)

If we are not yet at that point of degeneration, it certainly appears that we are going in that direction.