This morning is our “special” Sunday that we have been promoting for several weeks. You will discover that this morning we are asking you to consider where your role is in the church’s ministries. Your involvement in how the church serves and functions is just as vital as the role that Roger and I have been appointed for in the ministry of the word of God.

To make my case, please consider the following.

God designed human beings in His image. As we mature in Jesus Christ, we begin to discover that service is an inherent characteristic in God’s image (which may even be bound up in the much grander facet of love).

Marriages, parenting, and employment are relationships or roles where, if they are to function properly, we must serve. The same goes for the church: to function properly, we must serve, lest we become a consumer-oriented enterprise, which is not a concept for the church that surfaces in the Bible. In other words, God has designed us so that our full potential is not realized until we discover that we are servants, called to meet the needs of others, not of ourselves.

Thus, this morning we ask you to prayerfully consider your God-given gifts, and your role as a servant. On the heels of last week’s sermon, it is something that I must also continue to pray about for myself. We look forward to seeing both where you can be plugged in, and the joy that comes with service.

*As an aside, I am aware that a number have taken up roles of service in the past year, both during Sunday morning and throughout the week. You know who you are, and I want you to know that your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Thank you!