Tick-tock, Tick-tock...

For as long as I can remember, I have been a huge fan of animated art. I would spend hours watching different cartoon. Of course like many people, I enjoy Disney movies a lot. One of my favorite characters in theses movies is Captain Hook from the Peter Pan Movie.

This morning, I am thinking about Captain Hook's relationship with the infamous crocodile. The crocodile had swallowed an alarm clock, so Captain Hook could always sense when an enemy he feared was near. I think it’s always funny to watch Captain Hook's reaction to the incessant sound of    the    alarm    clock:    "Tick-tock,    tick-tock..."

I must admit that as an adult, the clicking of the clock is getting louder in my    ears.
Time is not my enemy, but I am more aware that time is passing quickly. By the time you read this article, almost ten percent (10%) of 2011 will be history. Were we not just enjoying the holidays?

We are all closer to eternity than we have ever been.

So... how will I manage myself with respect to time? Will I devote my attention to what is most important? Have I taken the time recently to evaluate the values that govern my life? Does my schedule and daily "To Do" list represent that my values are truly the foundation for my life? Are godliness and contentment the bases for my values?
As I listen to the clock tick, I have some important questions to answer. How about you?