The Cure for Common Spiritual Apathy

A common question that I’ve often seen or been asked by people is, “What is the cure for spiritual apathy?” That’s a tough question – and a tough problem – because it’s hard to motivate people to action when they just don’t care. However, as I was often reminded by one of my teachers at school, there is nothing so good for softening our hearts and energizing our spirits like gratitude. Granted, being thankful may not necessarily be easy, but it is rather necessary.

First and foremost, spiritual apathy is a choice. In part, it denies (consciously or not) that God is actively involved in our lives. It admits that nothing much will change – despite the presence of the powerful Spirit within us – and that, in the current state of things, there’s nothing much to get excited about. Spiritual apathy takes things for granted – even the gift of life – and says, “Why bother?” Why bother worshiping? Why bother praying or reading God’s word? Why bother having fellowship or giving?

Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is also a choice, but it looks at the big picture and says, “Hey, I’m alive – it’s worth the effort!” Gratitude opposes spiritual apathy. It recognizes that God is actively involved in our lives and helps us realize that, whatever the situation, we’ve never been so blessed. Whether it’s food, friends, family, health (whether good or bad), transportation, shelter, clothing, money (whether a little or a lot), bedsheets, microwave, your morning cup of coffee, a laugh, a cry, seeing someone you know on the street – gratitude takes notice of it.

Spiritual apathy can be cured, but only as much as the cure is wanted. However, when the want is there, an unlimited dose of gratitude will work wonders.