Look Above

If you place a falcon in a six or eight foot square cage with no cover or top, this bird, regardless of his remarkable flying ability, will be a prisoner. The falcon usually needs ten to twelve feet of running room in order to fly. Without his usual space to take off he will not try to fly and will remain trapped in the cage with no cover or top.

The bats that we see flying so remarkably through the air cannot take off from a flat surface. If you place them on the floor or any flat surface, all they can do is painfully beat their wings until they attain a bit of elevation at which time they are able to take flight at lightening speed.

If a bumble bee falls into a drinking glass, it will remain there until it dies unless someone removes it. It will not seek escape from the open top of the glass but will desperately search for a way out from the sides near the bottom of the open container. It will search for a way out that does not exist until it perishes completely.

In a way, there are many people that are like falcons, bats, or bees. They try to free themselves from their problems and frustrations without realizing that the solution is right there above them.