Who influences your life?

Imagine for a moment your life as a circle. At the center of this circle, there is a throne. On the throne is sitting the most influential person in your life. Who is sitting on this throne? Some put their enemies on this throne. These people allow their enemies to consume their life. Hatred for their enemies controls their thoughts, actions and attitudes.

Some place their friends on this throne. Many people allow their friends to dictate what they wear, what they say, what they do and even what they should believe about God. Theirs friends may be a blessing but also sometimes a curse as the Scriptures say, “Do not be deceived: "Bad company corrupts good morals." (I Cor. 15:33)

Most people put themselves on this throne. They are self-centered and use every situation. Like the expression says, they only live for “me, myself and I”. Their life is self-centered and they are miserable.

Really, Jesus is the One we must place on this throne. If we want to experience an abundant life now and an eternal life in heaven, we must allow Jesus to influence and guide our lives! Jesus is Lord. The word “Lord” means master or owner, he who has power and authority on another. Is He your Lord?

In our personal life, if Jesus is not the master of all, He is not the master of anything.

We all serve someone. We all place someone on the throne of our life. It may be our enemies, our friends, ourself, Jesus or someone else, but we all serve someone.

Who do you serve? Who is your Lord?