He loves us! He speaks to us!

In 1 second, light travels 3 million kilometers. It needs 8 minutes to come to us from the sun; 3½ years from the closest star; 1.5 million years from the Andromeda Galaxy.

Our head spins from all of this! Looking to infinity, what is human existence? Does the Architect of the universe consider our little problems? Does He answer our prayers? Does He interact in our daily lives?

The Bible is categorical. God loves us, He watches over us. He sent and gave His only Son so that, through Him, we might have life. We have value in His sight. He loves us, He speaks to us. The fact that He controls the trajectory of each of the millions of stars that populate the heavens does not prevent Him to watch over the birds. He pays a lot more attention to the cry of a child than to all the satellites that man can put into space; He cares more about the sadness of a soul than the launch of any rocket.

" ... Your Father knows what you need, before you ask Him. " (Matthew 6:8)