To the Saints at Ville-Émard
Last weekend, local and distant Catholics celebrated the canonization of Brother André, the man who initiated the building of one of Montreal’s great landmarks, St. Joseph’s Oratory. Brother André is now a Saint in the Catholic church, the result of a posthumous process that took more than 30 years to be realized. However, while Brother Andr&... read all »
Don’t Walk!
As some of you know, Hal and I trained for and ran a 5 km race a few Saturdays ago. For training, we had marked out a roughly 2 km lap around several blocks in Verdun. Two to three times a week we ran enough to make up 5km, sometimes just a bit more. With no hills, and by keeping conversation as we ran, the training was relatively easy. However, on race day, we both ... read all »
“What Does It Mean?” - Part Four
As we’ve discovered over the last three weeks, Biblical interpretation can sometimes be a difficult task. There are elements both within ourselves and within the text that we must understand to the best of our ability before we can be certain of what the Scriptures are saying to us – and even then, we must admit that we are limited. Hence, the final instal... read all »
“What Does It Mean?” - Part Three
When we read a passage from the Bible, we are not the first ones to have read it. “Well, that’s obvious, Glen.” I know, I know. But sometimes, we are not always aware of what is obvious. So, what I mean is this: the books of the Bible were written first to those who were the original recipients. Now, this may not be such an important thing to remembe... read all »
“What Does It Mean?” - Part Two
“Book, chapter and verse!” This is a common criterion among those of us who wish to know what the Bible says – and where! If someone is going to assert that the Bible is saying a certain thing, we will not take that assertion for granted – we want to see it for ourselves. Such diligence is good practice. However, we must also remember that th... read all »