Three Little Devils
The story is told of three junior devils coming before Satan as they prepared to visit earth in order to destroy men’s souls. The first one said that he would try to trick men by telling that there is “no heaven”. Satan replied that people have a natural hope and that this lie would not work very well. The next one stepped up and said that he would ... read all »
Dare You
In Eph. 3:20, Paul says that God can do more than we dare ask. Have you ever wondered why we usually are timid in the things we ask God for? Perhaps some of the reasons might be as follows: TOO MUCH CHANGE We don’t dare ask because asking for too much might change our lives too much. Dynamic asking brings dynamic answers and the ... read all »
Tongue Trouble
Ever notice the amount of trouble your tongue gets you into? I think this type of weakness was on Jesus’mind when He chose Peter to become an apostle. A classic story that typified the problem occurs in Matthew 26:35 where Peter blurts out that no matter what, he will never deny or abandon Jesus. Of course we know that soon after Jesus was arrested Peter, along... read all »
Coco Needs Friends
One of our most successful projects here at Ville-Emard is the Coco & his friends puppet show. It serves the church in so many ways. First, it is a great opportunity to invite friends and community members to visit the church in a relaxed way. Secondly, Coco & Friends provides a chance for so many of us to serve the Lord since Roger and Diane need quite a fe... read all »
The Discipline of Failure
What do David, the woman at the well, and Peter the Apostle have in common? They were all failures. David committed adultery and murder; the Samaritan woman failed at marriage five times; and Peter... well just pick anything from empty boasting to denying Jesus to disbelieving the news of Christ’s resurrection and you have an idea of his track record. These peo... read all »