The Lord of the Impossible

A common fear I struggle with is taking a conversation with someone down the road of religion. I know it’s not always applicable, but there are those moments when the person you are talking to says something about the Bible, or something “pseudo-religious”, or the opposite, like taking the Lord’s name in vain around you for no reason. The part that I struggle with and maybe some of you have the same struggle, is just saying something back like, “Would you like to actually study the Bible sometime?” or “You know saying the name of my Savior all the time really offends me.” When these situations come up I begin to think, “This guy could never be a Christian, listen to how he speaks... he does this... he does that... Why should I even bother trying? It’s impossible. “

Then I read a verse like Luke 18:27 that says, “Jesus responded, what is impossible with man is possible with God.” And it gets me thinking... alright I’m ready, who wants to talk about God? You see, it’s this verse that makes me realize that I am worrying about talking to someone about God. Am I really thinking, “It’ll be impossible for God (the one who created this entire world, plants, sea, air, and even this person I am talking to), is it impossible for Him to make this person a Christian?” Luke tells us that our God, the God we want to share with the world, is not only the Lord of the possible but the impossible as well.

This idea comes across throughout the Bible. We read in the Old Testament of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. Would this have been possible without God?

In the New Testament we not only have the many miracles of Jesus and his disciples, we even have a witness of His resurrection and a promise of our own. Now that is really getting into the impossible!
So the next time you are having a conversation with someone or thinking about reaching out, remember the God you’re trying to share is the same God that can make anything possible, even a positive response from a negative person.

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